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Academic journals

DJ Mag

DJ Mag USA, January 2017
DJ Mag USA, September 2016
DJ Mag USA, April 2016

The Sound of Boys Noize

DJ Mag USA, March 2016

Jamie Jones’ Path to Paradise

DJ Mag USA, December 2015

BT’s Opus of Discovery

DJ Mag USA, September 2015

Flux Pavillion: Feelings in Flux

DJ Mag USA, June 2015

DJ Mag

DJ Mag USA, February 2016

Brian Cid is Brooklyn’s Kid

DJ Mag USA, July 2016

Calderone Comes Full Circle

DJ Mag USA & UK February 2016

Is Sexism Inherent In Our Industry?

DJ Mag USA, December 2015

Gai Barone Moves Towards the Unknown

DJ Mag USA, September 2015

Bob Moses: Master Builders

Record Store

Time Magazine

Huffington Post

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